RoadtoClose™ Launches Real Estate Transaction Management App at Inman Connect Now with Free Trial Offer

Chicago, IL May 22, 2020  — RoadtoClose™, developer of the real estate industry’s newest transaction management tool that simplifies the process for all parties involved, will be launching their product at the Inman Connect Now live virtual event, June 2-4, 2020. In celebration of the launch, RoadtoClose will be offering a free 8-week trial of the app for conference attendees.

RoadtoClose is a cloud-based software application that gives all real estate parties visibility from contract to closing. The collaborative platform tool allows users to streamline the process creating a customized dashboard with task assignments, in-app messaging, progress reports, and fast document uploads for each property.

Designed to deliver true collaboration and accountability throughout real estate transactions, the application gives all parties – brokers, attorneys, buyers, sellers, lenders, and title companies – visibility from contract to closing. On a standard real estate transaction, up to 20 different people could potentially touch a file. 

Reducing the amount of paperwork, email and text messages, as well as keeping everyone on task and apprised of the progress for the transaction, RoadtoClose simplifies and streamlines the process dramatically saving valuable time and enhancing the customer experience.

“Missed deadlines and lack of communication are the most frequent roadblocks that slow down a real estate transaction,” said Scott Gartner, Founder and CEO of RoadtoClose. “But the biggest obstacle is how buyers and sellers feel left out of the transaction and uninformed. For most people, this is the biggest transaction of their lives, and they have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes. Giving consumers insight into the transaction process improves both customer service and communication.”

Scott Gartner, Founder and CEO of RoadtoClose

Gartner added, “This results in happier clients for increased referrals and repeat business, but it also saves real estate professionals time for things that improve their bottom line.”

To celebrate the release, and in recognizing the level of professionals that attends Inman Connect, RoadtoClose will be offering attendees a free 8-week trial of the app. 

“We are excited to be able to launch RaodtoClose at Inman Connect Now, especially this year,” Gartner said. “With the recent stay-at-home orders due to the pandemic, the need for a way to innovate and push the real estate transaction into a more convenient, digital process has accelerated. Our tool enables progress despite social distancing and makes the process better and more efficient for all.”

Inman Connect Now will explore the present and future of the real estate industry with expert speakers, engaging discussions, breakout sessions, exhibitors, start-up showcases, and top-level networking.

“Inman has a long history of successfully showcasing industry disruptive technology to real estate’s influential leaders and technology forward brokers, agents, executives, entrepreneurs, and investors,” Gartner added. “We are excited to be a sponsor of the first live digital version of Inman Connect Now.”

RoadtoClose will be exhibiting live daily throughout the three-day conference, demonstrating the transaction management application and answering attendee questions, as well as taking appointments for private conversations. To schedule a meeting, please email Scott Gartner at


RoadtoClose™ is a cloud-based software application that gives all parties involved in a real estate transaction visibility from contract to closing. The innovative, transaction management tool allows users to create a customized dashboard with task assignments, in-app messaging, progress reports, and fast document uploads. Through seamless communication and visibility of all tasks and transactions, the RoadtoClose™ software application brings buyers and sellers in on the process, improving their customer experience, reducing communication time for all parties, delivering true collaboration and accountability. For more information, please visit