Transaction management isn’t just for Real Estate Brokers any more. Today's consumers demand clear communication throughout the purchase and sale process, so at Road to Close we've made it possible to invite ALL parties to participate, stay accountable and communicate on one platform. Find your Role to see how Road to Close can streamline your next real estate transaction.

Buyers / Sellers

When the next steps are clear, uncertainty is minimized. Road to Close is designed to help inform Buyers and Sellers of the workflow and assigned tasks to foster transparency and accountability. The dashboard is simple, intuitive, and available in real time from any device to keep everyone you invite up to speed.


Real estate transactions are easily sidelined when communication breaks down. With Road to Close, your entire dashboard is at your fingertips 24 hours a day and from any device. Monitor all of your transactions, send messages, manage events and keep all parties informed to stay on track for an on time closing.



Brokers have full auditing capabilities within the Road to Close dashboard to review all agent transactions. Our pricing plans are scaled to meet your needs with available enterprise models for your office. We can even tailor your experience with your brand and your specifications!  Contact us to find out more.


Attorneys can more efficiently manage critical contract deadlines, access transactions on the go, and cut down on unnecessary correspondence with Road to Close. Strict permissions provide assurance that only the parties you choose will have access to the information and documents you share. Road to Close uses one platform to calendar and notify parties of important dates which keep the transaction moving toward closing through accountability and clear assignment of tasks to track progress in office or on the road.

Other Parties

Road to Close invites all parties to participate in the real estate buying and selling process through a simple and easy to use tool. Include third party vendors such as appraisers, surveyors, home inspectors, mortgage companies, title companies and a multitude of others to join in the spirit of true collaboration.